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Week 32:


meaning:  mass, heap

examples:  accumulate, cumulus, cumulative


meaning:  hidden

examples:  crypt, cryptic, cryptologist

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Please email Donna Asher  or Judy Mayo or call (505) 299-7377.

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Standards Based Assessments

Spring is upon us, and the hard work of your student(s) and teachers is now being put to the “test”.  The Standards Based Assessment (SBA) will be administered March 11th - March 14th.  We have been working hard to prepare our students for this week! This assessment is one data point that is used to measure student growth, in relation to teacher effectiveness. We are up for the challenge and excited to see how we perform in relation to our peers throughout the city and state (GO JAGS!).  We believe this week should be protected from distraction and disruption, so we can perform to our highest capacity.  Below, we have identified a few processes that will not only minimize the distractions/disruptions, but will enhance the opportunity to spotlight the “GREATNESS” in academic rigor and student achievement at Jackson Middle School. Here are some helpful strategies to support a high performing testing environment for our students:


  1. 100% attendance everyday (BE ON TIME – 8:15 am)
  2. Students should get at least nine (9) hours of sleep
  3. Ensure that your student(s) get a balanced breakfast (include protein)
  4. Remind your student(s) that “THEY ARE PREPARED FOR THIS TEST!”
  5. Bring a book/magazine to read (must be approved by advisor)


To maintain a secure testing environment, Administration is putting a restriction on the use of cell phones and electronic devices by all students and staff during this week of testing.  The danger of sharing information is real, so to minimize the potential for a security breach, Administration has put a procedure in place:


  • Students who have a cell phone and/or an electronic device (iPods, DS2’s, Tablets, etc.) are required to turn in the device to their “testing teacher” upon entering the class.  The item will be placed in a one (1) gallon plastic bag with an index card (First and Last name) and/or school ID.  These items will be secured in the testing environment throughout the day. The cell phone and/or electronic device(s) will be returned at the end of the day (3:05 pm). Parents can contact the Main Office with concerns.

***Administration is requesting that students not be removed from classes during testing


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact administration at 299-7377.  Thank you for supporting our journey from Good to Great! 



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