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Jackson Athletics Locker


Jackson offers basketball during the school year available for participation by students. The APS sponsored sport is broken into two seasons, with an A and B team. 6th and 7th graders play the Fall Season, with tryouts starting in early October. This team is called B team.  7th and 8th graders play the Winter Season, with tryouts starting in early December. This team is called A team.

Full schedules will be posted to the APS Athletics website when available.

Participation is limited in basketball to 15 members on a team.  Total participation is 60 students, (30 boys and 30 girls, 15 on each team each of the two semesters).

There are specific criteria that have to be met before a student is allowed to try out or participate in any way.  Students must have on their semester report card: a G.P.A. of  at least 2.0 (“C” average) and NO grades of "F"  They also must have completed A.P.S. permission and physical forms that will be kept on file with the Athletic Director at Jackson. Currently, Kyle Neice is our Athletic Director.  All students must have obtained a medical physical from a licensed physician with the physician signing off on the A.P.S. form before a student is allowed to participate.  This, however, does not ensure in that a student is provided a spot on the team. For Basketball, there will be cuts made if necessary to get to the participation limit.

General conditions of participation

Please download the physical form from the APS website HERE

As with every activity that we provide for students at Jackson, Character Counts components are emphasized with every aspect of our program.