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Language Arts/Reading
Contact Daniel Bowen  Daniel Bowen ex: 23536 Gifted Lang / Lit 6/7
Contact Daniel Campbell  Daniel Campbell ex: 23553 6th Grade SE ELA and 8th Grade SE Science
Contact Sarabeth Dominguez  Sarabeth Dominguez ex: 23542 7th Grade SE ELA
Contact Sarah Doolittle  Sarah Doolittle ex: 23534 7th Grade ELA
Contact Denise Funk  Denise Funk ex: 23532 Reading Intervention / 6th Grade SE ELA
Contact Savannah Harden  Savannah Harden Teacher
Contact Karen Harvey  Karen Harvey ex: 23524 7th and 8th Grade SE ELA
Contact Megan Kirschman  Megan Kirschman ex: 23550 7th and 8th Grade Gifted ELA
Contact Ruby Mahl  Ruby Mahl ex: 23526 8th Grade SE Math and 6th Grade SE Social Studies
Contact Paul Osuna  Paul Osuna Teacher
Contact Mary Ramsey  Mary Ramsey ex: 23552 Math 6th/7th
Contact Quint Seckler  Quint Seckler Teacher
Contact John Seusy  John Seusy ex: 23513 6th Grade Math
Social Studies
Contact Lisa Barela  Lisa Barela ex: 23521 8th Grade Social Studies
Contact Kerrie Cantwell  Kerrie Cantwell ex: 23525 7th and 8th Grade Social Studies
Contact Cynthia Kelsey  Cynthia Kelsey Teacher
Contact Derek Leininger  Derek Leininger ex: 23514 7th Grade Social Studies
Contact Christopher Shepherd  Christopher Shepherd ex: 23547 6th Grade Social Studies
Contact Laura Corral-flores  Laura Corral-flores Sys Admin
Contact Alexander Harden  Alexander Harden Teacher
Contact Sarah Lopez  Sarah Lopez Teacher
Contact Therese McDonald  Therese McDonald ex: 23519/23543 AVID 7th/8th
Contact Dina Melo  Dina Melo ex: Health-23517 Gym-23541 Health and Physical Education
Contact Kyle Neice  Kyle Neice ex: 23548 7th and 8th Grade Video Editing. Journalism and Animation
Contact Erin Rolan  Erin Rolan ex: 23539 Orchestra
Contact Fred Romero  Fred Romero ex: 23541 Physical Education
Contact Jessica Shepherd  Jessica Shepherd ex: 23545 STEM/ Leadership
Contact Stephen Snowden Jr.  Stephen Snowden Jr. ex: 23549 Band and Jazz Band
Contact Vanessa Williams  Vanessa Williams ex: 23554 Librarian


Contact Jeffrey Conrad  Jeffrey Conrad ex: 23508 8th Grade Science
Contact Ashley Graham  Ashley Graham ex: 23520 6th and 7th Grade SE Science
Contact Cynthia Kelsey  Cynthia Kelsey Teacher
Contact Jessica Linville  Jessica Linville ex: 23540 6th Grade Science
Contact Alejandra Padilla  Alejandra Padilla ex: 23523 7th Grade Science
Administration/Office Staff
Contact Kimberly Crabtree  Kimberly Crabtree (505) 299-7377 ex: 23501 Assistant Principal
Contact Lori Sjostrand  Lori Sjostrand (505) 299-7377 ex: 23503 Head Secretary/Bookkeeper
Contact Tracy Straub  Tracy Straub (505) 291-6834 ex: 23502 Principal
Cafeteria Manager
Contact Tammy Kirschman  Tammy Kirschman (505) 299-7377 ex: 23527 Data Coach
Athletic Director
Contact Kyle Neice  Kyle Neice ex: 23548 7th and 8th Grade Video Editing. Journalism and Animation
Contact Vanessa Williams  Vanessa Williams ex: 23554 Librarian
School Nurse
Contact Denise Quicero  Denise Quicero ex: 23528 School Nurse
Contact Donna Asher  Donna Asher (505) 299-7377 ex: 23500 Counseling Secretary/Registrar
Contact Mary Brammer  Mary Brammer Staff
Contact Charlene Lutz  Charlene Lutz (505) 299-7377 ex: 23557 Counselor
School Social Worker
Contact Laura Salinas  Laura Salinas Social Worker
Contact Kathleen Asher  Kathleen Asher Educational Assistant
Contact April Campbell  April Campbell Teacher
Contact Catherine Helm  Catherine Helm ex: 23546 Educational Assistant
Contact Lynne Sanders  Lynne Sanders Educational Assistant
Contact Stacy Sanders  Stacy Sanders Educational Assistant