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10600 Indian School Rd. NE
Albuquerque, NM 87112

Phone: (505) 299-7377
Fax: (505) 291-6877

Cafeteria: (505) 253-9420

Map to Jackson

student drop-off visitor parking on West side. Bus lane on East side bus loading on south side


It is APS policy that all visitors to a school campus check in at the main office.   Jackson Middle School also requests that you sign in at the main office and obtain a Visitor’s Badge.  If you wish to see a teacher, administrator, or counselor, please call to schedule an appointment. Parents are encouraged to visit classrooms, but we ask 24 hours notice. Teacher conferences are set through the students' advisory teachers.

Students will not be released during a school day to any individual not designated as an emergency contact on registration or health cards. For safety reasons, students are not allowed to bring friends, siblings, or relatives as guests to visit Jackson. To minimize interruptions during the last period of the day and to protect learning and instruction, administration requests that students be checked out before 2:30 pm when it is necessary to pick them up before the end of the day.

Any individual on campus or picking up a student may at any time be asked for identification.  We do this to insure the safety of your student and all others.

Bus Transportation

Bus transportation is provided for students living more than one and one-half miles from school.   Bus schedules outlining times and stop locations will be available at registration.  Each student entitled to bus transportation must present an  APS  identification card, upon  request, when  boarding. 

Students cannot take guest riders on the bus for any reasons. If any questions arise, feel free to contact Jackson Middle School Administrative Offices at 291-6834, Durham Bus Company at 298-6831, or APS Transportation at 880-3989.

Students have the privilege of riding the bus and may not at any time ride a bus other than the one assigned to them.  A student who fails to maintain appropriate conduct when on the bus, waiting for the bus, or walking to or from the bus stop may be suspended from riding the bus or may be subject to other disciplinary actions.

All rules that apply at school are also in effect on the way to and from school.

More serious misbehavior on the bus like defiant or disrespectful behavior to the driver, fighting, profanity/obscene gestures, damaging bus property, or any behavior which endangers others could result in more serious consequences including but not limited to suspension from the bus.