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  • School Address
  • Principals Message
  • Events Calendar
  • Bell Schedules
  • Mission & Vision
  • Jackson Middle School Policies
  • Student Staff & Visitor ID Policy
  • Agenda (Student Planner) Policy
  • Accountability Card Policy
  • Visitor Policy
  • Student Bus Policy
  • Attendance Policy
  • Cell Phone Policy
  • Outdoor Rules
  • Hallways
  • Lockers
  • Dress Code
  • Acceptable Use Policy
  • Discipline Policy Matrix
  • Confidentiality
  • Contact Info
Student's Pledge
  • Do my best to be on time and in class ready to work everyday
  • Ask for help from my teacher and family if I am having trouble doing my work
  • Use class notes and study skills to improve my learning
  • Write down assignments, do my homework everyday, and turn it in when it’s due
  • Work on my math and reading skills at home everyday, using the materials my teacher sends home
  • Find out what I missed and complete the make-up work when I am absent
  • Try not to mess around or talk out of turn in class
  • Be respectful to other students, teachers, staff, and school property and always clean up after myself
  • Never judge others
  •  Report any intimidation I see or hear of (no bullying)

revised 4/9/15


Handbook Essentials


You can check your student's attendance record in ParentVUE. If you see an absence that shouldn't be there or receive an automated attendance call when you think your student was at school, please call our attendance line or email us to let us know, and we'll get it fixed!

You may still receive an automated call even if you've left a message at the school to excuse your child's absence. If you've left a message or emailed us, the absence will be excused in the system.

The staff and administration believe that attendance is a cooperative effort between the parent and the school. Parents, please call 299-7377  or email Donna Asher EACH DAY your child is absent or tardy. For your convenience, we do have an answering machine that allows you to leave a message before normal office hours or if the office phone is busy. Please speak slowly and clearly and leave your student's first and last name and grade level. 

Remember that if students are late or leaving during the day for any reason, PARENTS MUST CHECK THEIR STUDENTS IN OR OUT IN THE MAIN OFFICE. You may send your student in with a signed note, but we will need to check the ID of an adult who is listed as an emergency contact on the child's record in order to allow a student to leave campus. 

Students who are absent, excused or not excused, have the responsibility to make up all the work missed. Students need to make arrangements with teachers when they return to school.

Students who are absent for three (3) or more days should ask a parent to call or email the attendance secretary for their assignments. 24 hours notice is needed before homework assignments can be picked up in the main office during school business hours. You may also check teachers' web pages for assignments and information. For every day a student has an excused absence, one day will be allowed to make up work (or as deemed reasonable by the teacher, parent, and/or administration).

If a student arrives late to school any day, he/she must report to the main office when he/she arrives on campus and sign in. When a student is late, the parent should either: 

  • sign the student in at the office,
  • supply a note excusing the tardiness, or
  • phone the attendance office excusing the tardy

Cell Phone Policy

In accordance with APS Cell Phone Policy, cell phone use is restricted and should be avoided by all students during the school day.  We do realize, however, for safety purposes, some parents require their children to possess a cell phone.


If you feel your student(s) needs to carry a cell phone at school, the cell phone policy is as follows:

  • Student cell phone use will be allowed only before and after the regular school hours. (8:15 a.m.– 3:05 p.m.)
  • Phones should not be visible (for instance, in their hands, in back pockets, out on desk).
  • Phones must be turned off during school hours.
  • Text messages and or game usage are prohibited. 
  • If you need to reach your child, please call the main office at 299-7377.

Inappropriate cell phone use will result in the following consequences:

  • First Offense- phone taken to office, logged in, parent to pick-up
  • Second Offense- phone taken to office, logged in, held for 7 days, parent to pick-up
  • Third Offense- phone taken to office, logged in, help for the remainder of the semester, parent to pick up

Dress Code

The Board of Education expects student dress and grooming to reflect high standards of personal conduct so that each student’s attire promotes a positive, safe, and healthy atmosphere within the school.  Student dress may not present a potential disruption to the educational process. We reserve the right to ask the student to change clothing to adhere to dress code policy if administration feels the student’s appearance is too distracting.

1. Attire or accessories that display or promote:

  • Drugs, alcohol or tobacco, sexual activity, violence, disrespect and/or prejudice towards any groups are not acceptable. Wristbands must not have inappropriate images or messages. Remove when requested.

2. Unacceptable clothing and accessories also include but are not limited to:

  • Promotion of gangs, weapons, drugs, and/or pornography are prohibited.
  • No visible tattoos, writing on the skin, clothing or backpacks.
  • No gang-related graphics shaved in the hair.
  • No sunglasses, bandanas
  • Spiked jewelry, chains, bandana or belts with more than two (2) inches excess are prohibited.
  • Shorts/skirts/dress length must be equal to or longer than mid-thigh (hip to knee). Tights/leggings can be worn under shorter attire.
  • Tights are allowed as long as modesty (buttocks) area is covered.  
  • Pajama wear is prohibited.
  • Ripped, or tattered jeans may be worn, no excessive skin to show (tights may be worn under jeans).
  • All tops must be long enough to be tucked in the waistband of pants, skirts, or shorts (no mid-drift). All tops must have sleeves and cover up cleavage.
  • Clothing must fit appropriately.

** The administration has the right to update or change the behavior or dress code policy at any time during the school year as necessary.

3. For safety reasons:

  • Student & Visitor Identification cards must be in student’s possession.
  • ‘Sagging’ or the wearing of pants below the waist and/or in a manner that allows shorts, underwear, or bare skin to show is prohibited.   
  • Body piercing, gauges, with the exception of earrings is highly discouraged and must not disrupt the educational process.
  • No Hats. Beanies are to be worn outside only in winter months and must adhere to the same acceptable clothing policy. The hoods of hoodies are to be off indoors (hallways, office, classrooms, cafeteria, etc.).

Handbook Updates